Payroll tailor-made for your needs.

Let us make payroll easier for your company. Choose from traditional or online payroll solutions, designed to meet your specifications, and simplify the payroll process. We offer all the same services as the national payroll companies – without having to hire yet another service provider.

Payroll Services

  • Payroll processing
  • Online data entry
  • Retirement tracking, reporting, and payments
  • Cafeteria plan deductions
  • FICA tip credit reporting
  • Direct deposit
  • New-hire reporting
  • Remote payroll check printing
  • Third-party payments
  • Time-off accrual
  • Payroll journal entries
  • Employee benefits tracking
  • Worker’s compensation audit services
  • Union reporting
  • Annual and quarterly payroll tax reporting
  • Payroll set-ups
  • Tax account set-ups